The Series


Romp is an LGBT web series about three housemates and their adventurous dating lives. It is the successor of the popular queer web series, Love Bytes, which attracted more than 9.4million views on YouTube and over 14K subscribers.

Funded by Screen Australia and supported by Queer Screen.

The show will premiere in 2022.


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Tonnette is a Sydney based writer/director. Her films have won numerous awards and have screened at over 200 festivals internationally and nationally, including Oscar recognised festivals.
Tonnette Stanford
Writer / Director
animated penguins
Pete is an award winning producer/writer whose films have been selected for AACTA accredited, FIAPF-accredited, & Oscar-accredited festivals; as well as being broadcast on Australian and European TV
Pete Ireland
girls looking out to sea
Gita is a Sydney-based writer, director, producer and content creator
Gita Irwin
Associate Producer
michael on computer
Zayn is a Sydney-based film-maker and web developer
Zayn Buksh
Executive Producer

Key Cast

Short Bio
Adriano is an actor, writer, theatre-maker and singer songwriter based in Sydney.
Adriano Cappelletta
Short Bio
Catherine is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and has been working in Australian theatre, film and television and commercials since 2004.
Cat Terracini
Short Bio
A NIDA trained actor who works in theatre, film, television and voice over and is currently based in Perth Western Australia, where she is completing a PhD.
Emily Rose Brennan